A Day in Aldea Zama, Tulum

Nov 11, 2020 | Aldea Zamá

How is a day in Aldea Zama? This community invites you to be surrounded by lush vegetation, beautiful tall trees, jungle spaces, and urbanized roads. There are many wonderful benefits when you choose Aldea Zama as your new home. Whether you have a car or a bicycle, moving around the community is so easy and fascinating. Discover all the things you can do one day in Aldea Zama.

Aldea Zamá is composed of numerous trails surrounded by trees, plants, and beautiful flowers. Walking through these trails will make you feel at ease just by breathing the energizing smell of nature. Either if it is a short walk, exercise, or a bike ride, breathing fresh air will bring you peace and calm.

Did you know that Aldea Zamá is home to the Pyramid of Positive Thoughts? This is an artificial pyramid created by Xavier de Maria y Campos to promote awareness of spirituality in the environment. The pyramid is filled with plastic bottles, and it has a capacity of up to 1 million bottles. If you happen to be here, throw a bottle and ask for a wish! Your wish will turn into a positive thought!

Later, you can head to the commercial zone, which is very close to the pyramid. This area has numerous shops, restaurants, cafés, and mini markets. You will also find a pharmacy and convenience stores. If you want to have breakfast or have a job gathering, you can join any restaurant in this area.

Aldea Zama also has a kid’s playground where children can play, run, and have fun while their parents supervise them. If you don’t have kids, you can simply sit on one of the multiple benches and enjoy the harmonious atmosphere. Relax and read your favorite book and have a peaceful time. Aldea Zama offers a secure environment where both residents and tourists can be safe.

Last but not least, remember that the beach is only 1.8 km away! Just a short distance to get to paradise and enjoy the gorgeous Caribbean Sea!

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