Aldea Zamá – A Fusion of Luxury and Nature in Tulum

Sep 23, 2020 | Aldea Zamá

Situated in the heart of Tulum, Mexico, Aldea Zama is an emergent residential community that marked a new real estate era in this beautiful coastal town. Since 2015, Tulum has become one of the most important destinations in Quintana Roo. This is a place that attracts not only national tourists but people from all over the world. Many tourists found in Tulum more than just a place to go on vacation; they found a new home.

Aldea Zamá – A Place to Coexist with Nature

Aldea Zama is composed of numerous features that make it the most innovative community in Tulum. Among all its characteristics, there is respect for nature and the need to preserve and protect the jungle. Additionally, Aldea Zama has been planned as a sustainable project, so it has set low-density regulations. As a result, this is a community that allows us to coexist in harmony with nature. 

That said, the residential projects and gated communities inside Aldea Zama seek to adapt to nature. Hence, this community is home to several developments that include sustainable and endemic materials to merge with the jungle. Also, most projects have respected almost 60% of the land.

The Earth Awakening

Aldea Zama is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Tulum. It is located only a 2-minute drive, around 1.8 km, from the hotel strip and the Caribbean Sea, a very privileged location. Aldea Zama has become a favorite alternative for tourists who wish to stay close to the sea without sacrificing a significant portion of their budget.

Also, Aldea Zama is located 4 km away from one of the most important tourist attractions, the archaeological site. This is an antique Mayan city that has been visited by millions of tourists every year and the only archaeological zone that overlooks the Caribbean Sea.

Its favorable location, next to the sea, the archaeological site, and downtown Tulum are definitely some of the many attractions in Tulum. Aldea Zama is a special place where, besides offering comfort, luxury, and nature, it will also benefit from being close to all the necessary services and facilities.

Natural Wealth in Tulum

Today, Aldea Zama is a project that represents a significant step towards a thriving infrastructure and urban planning in Tulum. Ten years after being built, it has become more than a community. Aldea Zama’s goal is to improve the guest experience and welcome new owners and tourists.

Behind Aldea Zama, there are numerous collaborators helping and contributing. From architects, developers, creatives, and many more workers, this community makes a world-class housing project. Tulum will continue growing and continue to be one of the most desirable destinations worldwide.

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