Residential Projects inside Aldea Zama

Nov 11, 2020 | Aldea Zamá

Aldea Zamá Tulum

Tulum is known as one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico. Hence, the demand for homes for sale has grown exponentially. In 2010, Aldea Zama was created to offer both developers and investors the possibility to build new housing projects following specific regulations from a different standpoint.

Ten years after its construction, Aldea Zama is currently a top-notch community like no other in Tulum. Due to this, new investors and developers have chosen to build luxury housing projects inside Aldea Zama. This way, this community will continue extending and offering a variety of properties with unique characteristics and fantastic amenities.

New gated communities in Aldea Zamá

Aldea Zamá Tulum

Aldea Zama is now home to numerous gated communities composed of luxury complexes that, besides offering a sophisticated design, they follow strict low-density guidelines. These projects provide state-of-the-art amenities and security as well. Additionally, these developments guarantee excellent capital gains in the following years. Discover these beautiful and modern gated communities inside Aldea Zama.

Lúum Zama – 60% of the Jungle Preserved

Lúum Zama is a gated community with various luxury housing projects built under several sustainable guidelines. Among its developments, there are Sky Jungle and Essentia from the Artia Condos family. Lúum Zama has an award-winning yoga palapa, a clubhouse, a semi-Olympic pool, an amphitheater, viewpoint, and trails. Lúum Zama preserved 60% of the jungle, and it is a community that offers a sophisticated lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Losantos – Closed Community


With a rustic yet contemporary design, Losantos is one of the newest gated communities inside Aldea Zama. This complex has controlled access and 24-hour security. Moreover, it is composed of a clubhouse, pool, gym, restaurant, pet park, and paddle court. Losantos offers an active lifestyle and the opportunity to have a tranquil and safe life at Tulum.

Aldea Premium – Multi-family lots

Although Aldea Premium is not a gated community, it is located in a privileged area inside Aldea Zama. It has a secluded location, away from the main roads and avenues, which offers security and privacy. This project offers multi-family lots for sale that are ideal to invest and build a housing project of up to 10 units. Today, Aldea Premium has 5 phases and one residential.

La Privada – Luxury Community with Single-Family Lots

Inside Aldea Zama, there is a new luxury community with a total of 98 single-family lots. La Privada has over a hectare of green areas that are considered essential for the community. It is located in a privileged area in Aldea Zama, close to the main entrance and the commercial zone. La Privada offers 24-hour security, a pool, a multi-purpose space, and a paddle court.

Selvazama – The Creation of a Positive Impact in Tulum

Selvazama is a bet from Zama Desarrollos to rescue the vision of value, human connection, and educational centers in Tulum. Selvazama seeks to support a responsible development by building sustainable projects, state-of-the-art amenities, and new initiatives such as Green School Tulum, a school project by John and Cynthia Hardy started in Bali in 2008, and it is now opening its doors in Tulum.

These gated communities inside Aldea Zama provide an added value for new owners. These prestigious communities are also very attractive because they offer luxurious amenities, security, and sustainable housing projects. And most importantly, they are located in the most popular and beneficial community in Tulum. 

If you choose to invest in any of these communities inside Aldea Zama, you ensure generating excellent capital gains. Also, your investment will guarantee a fantastic lifestyle surrounded by nature and close to the sea and important attractions in Tulum.

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