Frequently Asked Questions

¿Is Aldea Zamá a gated community?


Aldea Zamá is not a gated community. It is open for all its residents and visitors to enjoy the services offered inside the neighborhood. Aldea Zamá offers an exceptional lifestyle in a protected and preserved natural environment.

Situated only a few kilometers from the beach and the Archaeological Site, as well as a couple of hours from the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, Aldea Zama has a privileged location in Tulum. Aldea Zamá was carefully planned under an urban development strategy initiated in 2006, extending until 2030. This community is an inspiration for new residential projects in Tulum.

Is Aldea Zamá a beachfront community?


Although Aldea Zamá is not a beachfront community, there are numerous Tulum beaches only a couple of kilometers from the main entrance. Getting to these beaches is as easy as walking, a bicycle ride, or by car.

Tulum’s beaches extend almost 6 kilometers throughout the coast until Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. This is a protected reserve with more than 30 km of beaches and mangroves.

Will there exist a maintenance fee for the residential areas?


The municipality of Tulum will provide maintenance for green areas, highways, and extra services. Eventually, it is also planned to provide public transportation inside the community.

Will there exist a maintenance fee for the commercial zone?


The commercial zone will be administrated under a condominium regime that will legally regulate all the commercial zone’s necessary and administrative activities. This fee will also include general maintenance and security, and it will also regulate and apply aesthetic and construction regulations.

Will Aldea Zamá have construction regulations and guidelines?


To start any construction, all new projects may present to the Comité de Construcción y Arquitectura (Construction and Architecture Committee) to obtain a general authorization and request all the building permits and concessions. The latter may follow Aldea Zamá’s urban regulations.

When can an owner present their project to the Aldea Zamá's Project Committee?

You can contact the committee immediately by sending an email to

Will any important company or franchise be investing in Aldea Zamá?

In the look for a successful business model inside Aldea Zamá’s commercial zone, we invited important brands established on Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue.

Additionally, there are several international consolidated franchises, including restaurants and shops.

What's the approximate price to obtain a title deed for my land in Aldea Zamá?

Approximately 5.5% of the total value of the land.

What are the approximate building costs in Quintana Roo?

The price can vary between $500 USD and $900 MXN per square meter. It also depends on the finishes, materials, and the project’s characteristics.

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