Multi-family Lots

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The multi-family lots offer developers and investors a unique opportunity to build and commercialize a residential complex in a safe and luxury community inside Aldea Zama.

The lot area varies from 738 m2 to 4,700 m2, and the suggested number of properties is between 7 to 49 units. The architecture is based on a regulation that preserves the use of local materials that provide the authenticity of Tulum (palms, woods, stones, etc.)

Tulum has become a popular town among people looking for retreats in the jungle. Hence, the demand for properties has increased in the last years. Although there are many Tulum properties, there are only a few secure gated communities with excellent infrastructure. Aldea Zama offers a solution for investors and future residents as it is one of the first high-quality residentials with modern urbanization and high surplus value.

Multi-family lots are delivered with underground wiring services, ready to build, and immediate deed.

Lots for sale in Aldea Zama

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