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An avant-garde community in Tulum

Aldea Zama has been a huge step towards an organized development and growth in Tulum. After creating this successful project, Zama Desarrollos began a new adventure with the creation of Selvazama, a visionary residential that aims to create a sustainable future in the Riviera Maya.

At the peak of Quintana Roo beaches’ popularity, Selvazama seeks to create a community and offer a new proposal, different from large houses and hotel complexes. Simultaneously, this new ambitious project is being designed to rescue the vision of values and human connection by creating educational centers to raise a new urban district.


Selvazama has a deep commitment to support personal growth, encourage human connection, and inspire responsible economic development. This project aims to protect and take care of Tulum’s heritage and resources.

This community of homes will include several options for its residents, which will focus on the amenities and educational proposals. “What we seek is to meet the needs of those interested in living in Tulum, mainly in creative people who have a lot to contribute.”

While creating the project, Aldea Zama identified the importance of finding spaces and elements to produce a connection between the community and the residents. It is also essential to add technology and trending innovations from the 21st century. For this project’s precursors, it is essential to have a head office with multiple centers and multipurpose where the main attraction is to travel, explore, and discover new interests.

The developers behind Selvazama analyzed the use of resources in the area, mainly sustainable (vegetation, material, water, energy, and recycling).

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